Joining a Sunday service

Our Sunday services serves as a reflection of the kingdom of God. A home for all where you can be your authentic self. Sharing a great experience with your family and friends, broadening your horizon and being challenged to become a better person.

Every Sunday 10.30 o’clock
Erasmusweg 6, Den Haag
Live stream via Zoom
Meeting ID: 274 883 2815 Passcode: 493764

Our Sunday services are lively and energetic. Every Sunday is a celebration.  Our church family provides you with a kind and lovely atmosphere with great hospitality, spirit-filled praise and worship and a life-changing word. Come celebrate with us!

New to 3PM?

Potters Palace Prayer Ministry ( 3PM) is a Ghanaian found, but international-oriented church in The Hague. Welcoming all groups of people from all walks of life.
Our Vision is to transform the lives of many through the word of God. Our mission and goal is to inspire, lead and transform believers into leaders and leaders into agents of change. You are most welcome to join our family.

Become a member

What are our core values? What are the reasons for our success for a healthy and impactful church? What is our focus? Are we the right fit for you? Do you feel the same passion and drive as we feel towards our vision and mission, but still has some questions? Come for answers! Let’s get to know each other and join us to enlarge the kingdom of God!