Our Vision

Potter’s Palace Prayer Ministry (3PM) exists to reach out to  brothers and sisters with the love of God and reunited them with their maker. We see a church that serves as an anchor for current and future generations by building a culture that is rooted in the principles and promises of the kingdom of God. A church with talented individuals impacting their worlds. We see a church that attracts people back to the family of God and to celebrate the fullness of life.

Healthy House | Healthy People

Rev. & Mrs Thompson Osei
Senior Pastor

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an inspiration to many people, from children to elderly. To inspire them to assume responsibility for their divine assignment. To challenge them to take a leap from being believers to leaders and from leaders to agents of change who impact the world.

Our Values

From Believers | To Leaders | To Agents of Change

The values that are foundational to everything we do:

  • Central focus on Christ and the works of the Holy spirit
  • We inspire others to follow Christ
  • We value people as God’s children
  • We are glad to serve
  • We are a family
  • We show hospitality
  • We show love and are genuine in our approach and seek healthy relationships
  • We value servant leadership instead of promoting personal ambitions
  • We believe in accountability and transparency
  • We are givers to the enlarged family in Christ and those in need
  • We believe everyone is called to lead in their area of calling to impact their world
  • We believe in collective action and generational thinking to transform lives